• Lightweight Poly Silk Saree as a Casual Wear

    Lightweight Poly Silk Saree as a Casual Wear

    When it comes to saree the ladies get excited to wear a beautiful saree. But when it comes to saree for daily life you need saree which are lightweight. Because wearing weighty saree will make uncomfortable for long hours. Some sarees are not good for daily wear due to their fabric and design which may irritate the user. For that, we have come up...
  • Ethnic Black Color Kurtis For Indian Women At Best Price

    Ethnic Black Color Kurtis For Indian Women At Best Price

    Indian women have a wide variety in their clothing styles like sarees, Kurtis, dresses, salwar kameez. Ghagra, choli, dupatta, etc. Perhaps having so many varieties available for Indian. Indian women love Kurti as comfortable wear for long hours. The more color shade is found in Indian dressing style but the black is less. But wearing black colored cloths fashion is increasing nowadays. Women started...
  • New Collection of Pure Banarasi silk sarees for wedding

    New Collection of Pure Banarasi silk sarees for wedding

    Every state in India has its own style of saree, which can be worn in a variety of ways. This long drape is not only creatively designed, but also creatively worn. The fabrics of the cloth can be cotton, silk, linen, khadi, or a blend of fibres. Aside from that, they differ in terms of borders, threadwork, patterns, and length. The Banarasi sari are...
  • Printed Art Silk Saree

    Printed Art Silk Saree

    We have various types of saree in chiffon, art silk, cotton, cotton-silk georgette, and jacquard saree available on Trendzstyle. Among all these sarees the silk saree is best suited in winter. Silk is soft fabric which maintains the skin wll in winter because in winter season your skin can get damaged due heavy fabric material. In December, winter is increasing, so you need to...
  • Fashion of Jacquard indian sarees

    Fashion of Jacquard indian sarees

    A Jacquard fabric is one that is woven on a Jacquard loom. Complex patterns are woven directly into the fabric of fabrics woven on this type of loom. As a result, while any fabric with woven patterns resembles jacquard, only fabrics woven on Jacquard fabric can be considered authentic saree wear. Now a jacqurd saree trend is increasing day by day because of its...
  • Churidar Suit For Your Next Traditional Occasion

    Churidar Suit For Your Next Traditional Occasion

    Festivals are at the heart of people's lives in India because we live in a highly spiritual country. The number of different festivals held throughout the year provides a unique opportunity to experience Indian culture at its best. And for all festivals and occasions, you need to dress up in Indian cultural clothes. So women may prefer to wear saree, Kurtis, lehenga, salwar, churidar...
  • Latest Designer Kurtis

    Latest Designer Kurtis

    Trendzstyle online shopping platform offers its customers trendy Indian ethnic wear at a reasonable price. Latest Kurti Designs is one of the dominant players in the women's ethnic wear segment in India. This online store offers a wide selection of ethnic wear for women, including suits, Kurtis, lehengas, sarees, and gowns in a variety of colours and combinations. We have a large selection of...
  • Trending Jacquard Sarees

    Trending Jacquard Sarees

    If you've ever shopped for fabric, you've probably come across a jacquard fabric without even realising it. Instead of being printed or dyed onto the fabric's surface, the pattern and colors in the jacquard fabric are incorporated into the weave. The term "Jacquard" refers to how the pattern is woven rather than the pattern itself. Although these intricate fabrics are now commonplace, they were...
  • Designer Sarees For The Wedding Day

    Designer Sarees For The Wedding Day

    The Diwali festival is over now. And wedding dates are finalized for your friends and relatives. There are plenty of invitation you have But you are worried about what to wear and look like at grab the attention of others Here we Trendzstyle help to solve your problem. We always come with trending designer saree, dress, Kurtis for ladies. Now we have a newly...
  • New Sarees Arrival For Winter Season

    New Sarees Arrival For Winter Season

    Many of you may believe that a saree is not the most ideal clothing to wear in the winter. But you'll be surprised to learn that there are a plethora of saree styling techniques for winter that you can use to look stunning in sarees this season. Being able to wear a saree in the cold is quite difficult, yet some women simply adore...
  • Trends of Animal Print Sarees

    Trends of Animal Print Sarees

    Animal print is a trend that never actually dies; its popularity fluctuates season to season, but when done correctly, it never goes out of style. However, it became evident during the winter 2021 fashion weeks that wildlife-inspired motifs are back in full force. We collected up the season's wildest, most wearable outfits, from classic peacock and elephant prints to monochrome lovely designs favoured by...
  • Trending Stylish Kurta Fashion

    Trending Stylish Kurta Fashion

    Are you looking for a dress that accentuates your self-assurance? Kurtis is the most recent fashion statement that you should absolutely try. Kurtis is ideal for any event, especially if you're going outside and want to make a fashion statement. Kurtis Fashion and trends change on a regular basis. What was trendy in 2020 might not be so popular this year. To meet the...
  • Fashion of Embroidery Saree

    Fashion of Embroidery Saree

    Saree, an exquisite and traditional Indian garment, comes in a variety of designs and styles, ranging from plain to embroider. Without a doubt, every woman is looking for royal and designer sarees to wear on special occasions in order to create a fashion statement. Embroidered sarees haven't always been economical or accessible to middle-class women. However, the introduction of various machines has made it...
  • Unstiched Dress Material

    Unstiched Dress Material

    The churidar suit has long been a staple in Indian women's wardrobes. This timeless suit, with its sleek feminine elegance and comfort, is a go-to dress for practically every life event, from daily wear to weddings. It even has churidar collections for special occasions like ceremonies, sangeets, and weddings, giving every woman the best look. The churidar dress is thought to have originated in...
  • Fashion And Design For Ladies

    Fashion And Design For Ladies

    The latest fashion trends are ones that are simple to put on but make it appear as though you put in just enough effort to do whatever it is you do during these crazy days and nights. We may all benefit from apparel that helps us feel at ease and comfortable, whether it's for daily Zoom meetings and a few critical errands, the occasional...
  • Sari Collection Online in India

    Sari Collection Online in India

    We all know that India is a diverse country, and its slogan, "Unity in Diversity," reflects this. Diverse religions and state borders are only two examples of diversity. Many parts of our lives are diverse, including the food we consume, the languages we speak, the land we sow, and so on. The Indian dress cult works in the same way. Dresses serve to not...
  • Latest Embroidery Designs Kurtis

    Latest Embroidery Designs Kurtis

    The art of using a needle and thread to adorn material, usually textile fabric, is known as embroidery (and sometimes fine wire). Crewelwork, needlepoint, and other fundamental methods are used. Embroidery has been practised for centuries. The Greek goddess Athena is also responsible for the tradition of needlework. In addition to weaving, she is credited with handing it along. It should come as no...
  • Indian Designer Sarees Online

    Indian Designer Sarees Online

    Designer saris are constructed of the finest materials, both traditional and contemporary. Hand-woven with exquisite designs and embellishments, these are frequently meticulously hand-woven. The famous Indian sari comes in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles, with designer sarees being the most sumptuous. Top designers and fashion houses create these distinctive clothes according to the latest trends; in fact, the latest designer sarees...
  • Clothing Wear

    Clothing Wear

    Since the fifth century BC, people have loved the beauty and quality of Indian clothing wear, and little has changed since then. Not only are these clothes beautiful, elegant, and rich, but they also come in a wide range of styles. The following is a list of the most common types of famous clothing wear. (1)The tradition of Indian saree There are the most...
  • Traditional Saree Collection for Diwali

    Traditional Saree Collection for Diwali

    The narrative of Diwali is interpreted differently by Hindus depending on where they reside. However, no matter where people celebrate, there is one universal theme: the triumph of good over evil. A choice of woven sarees, embroidered sarees, and simple sarees with statement borders is the first thing you'll need for Diwali Puja and family get-togethers. To exude elegance, opt for scalloped and ornate...
  • Georgette Saree

    Georgette Saree

    Georgette is a thin, lightweight, dull-finished crepe fabric named after French dressmaker Georgette in the early twentieth century. Georgette is a fabric constructed from finely twisted yarns that were originally made from silk. Georgette is a crêpe fabric that is normally composed of pure silk but can also be made of synthetic fibers such as rayon, viscose, and polyester. Georgette de la Plante, a...
  • Our Exclusive Embroidered Saree for Diwali

    Our Exclusive Embroidered Saree for Diwali

    It's almost time to brighten up your homes and spruce up your wardrobes! The Diwali festival has arrived, bringing with it days of radiance and enchantment– a festival that transcends all religious and cultural barriers. Dhan Teras, Kali Chaudas, the social Diwali evening, New Year, and the devout Bhai Dooj are legendary Diwali celebrations in India and among Indians around the world. Diwali is...
  • Stitched Blouse

    Stitched Blouse

    Blouses are often composed of cotton or silk and may or may not include a collar or sleeves. They're more fitted than plain knit tops, and they may have feminine elements like ruffles, a tie or a soft bow around the neck, or embroidered embellishments. Tailoring allows for a more precise fit to the wearer's shape. There are currently a wealth of possibilities to...
  • Women Dupatta

    Women Dupatta

    What is the dupatta? The dupatta is a shawl that is historically worn by women in India. The dupatta is now most usually worn over the kurta and the gharara as part of a women's shalwar kameez costume. How does the word dupatta come from? The first evidence of the dupatta may be discovered in the Indus Valley culture, where a sculpture of a...
  • Tussar silk saree

    Tussar silk saree

    What is Tussar silk? Tussar is one of four types of raw silk found in India, the others being Mulberry, Eri, and Muga silk. Tussar is derived from the Sanskrit word trasara, which means shuttle, and has been recorded in literature since 1590 B.C. Tussar silk, also known as Indian wild silk, is produced by the Antheraea millita, a wild moth that feeds on...
  • Jacquard Sarees

    Jacquard Sarees

    Sarees are an essential part of any Indian woman's wardrobe. In India, this sarees 6 yard of pure elegance finds its way into every occasion. Sarees are made with a variety of textiles, styles, motifs, and colors that vary from region to region. Jacquard is a type of material used in the production of sarees that employs a unique weaving technique. Jacquard sarees is...
  • Kurtas for women suits for every occasion

    Kurtas for women suits for every occasion

    What exactly is Kurta? A kurta is a loose shirt that is a traditional form of apparel in nations such as India, Pakistan, and others. However, because it is highly comfortable clothing, it is gaining appeal in western countries as well. A kurta is a garment that can be worn by both men and women. A kurta is a loose-fitting shirt that descends over...
  • Daily wear saree of reasonable price

    Daily wear saree of reasonable price

    What is a daily wear saree? Sarees are a flexible piece of Indian wear clothing that has always been both classic and fashionable. Daily wear sarees made of soft fabrics will be ideal for a day at the office. Importance of daily wear saree of reasonable price When a lady is asked this question, the value of the latest daily use saree and daily...


    The Bandhani print is often found on the Gharchola sarees worn by women in Gujarat and even on the men's turbans from Rajasthan. The basic shades of Bandhani print are red, yellow, green and blue. However, the print can be adapted into any colour. The most commonly used fabrics for bandhani prints are silk, cotton, cotton silk, chiffon, georgette and various other fabrics.
  • Indian Clothing

    Indian Clothing

    The sari named "Vivah Patu" entered the Guinness Book of world record as the world's costliest sari last year. It contained 11 paintings which were once made by Iconic Indian artist Raja Ravi Verma. The embroidery was made from real gold threads and used stones like diamond, emerald, ruby, yellow sapphire, topaz, pearl and coral. The sari was hand woven using double warp by...
  • TrendZstyle


    “where trust is tradition” is our motto. We believe to work with the latest tradition. And with the support of our sophisticated production unit, we offer our clients with an impeccable range that is a blend of both modern and traditional design patterns. We also offer these in personalized designs to meet with the expectations and demands of our clients. We believe to reach...
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