Jacquard Sarees

Sarees are an essential part of any Indian woman's wardrobe. In India, this sarees 6 yard of pure elegance finds its way into every occasion. Sarees are made with a variety of textiles, styles, motifs, and colors that vary from region to region. Jacquard is a type of material used in the production of sarees that employs a unique weaving technique. Jacquard sarees is woven cloth with an elaborate design. Unlike other fabrics, the design is woven directly into the cloth rather than being stitched.

What exactly is a jacquard saree?

Jacquard sarees are a type of cloth weaving that has been around for centuries. Drawloom weaving was used to weave Jacquard in ancient times. The drawloom process took a long time, and the designs were simple and mediocre.

introduction of the Jacquard loom

The machine began to produce a variety of designs. The capacity for producing fabric has risen. However, thanks to technical advancements, Jacquard fabric weaving is now computerized. The entire weaving process takes less time, and it can easily construct more complicated designs.

While computer technology has already superseded the original punch card loom, Jacquard's unique cloth still maintains his name. Any pattern that is woven directly into the fabric rather than stitched, printed, or stamped on it is referred to as jacquard fabric. Jacquard can be made from any sort of yarn and has any type of weave.

Jacquard weaves, unlike printed and stamped motifs, have a reverse pattern that may be seen on the inside of a garment. This negative aspect of the design has a distinct visual appeal, allowing some pieces to be worn on both sides.

Now we are showcasing our exclusive patterns of jacquard sarees at a reasonable price which makes customers delight.

(1)Woven Banarasi Jacquard Saree


This is our first simplest woven banarasi jacquard sarees pattern suit for every occasion as per your requirement. This is mainly in colors black, pink, green, red, brown.

(2)Woven, Self Design, Embellished, Paisley Bhagalpuri Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree at trendzstyle


This our next simplest woven self-design embellished, paisley Bhagalpuri silk blend, jacquard sarees comes in orange, navy blue, black, sky blue, and chikoo, red-pink color. This saree you can wear occasionally and is also a good option for daily use.

(3)Self Design, Woven, Embellished, Solid Kanjivaram Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is our next best option which is most suitable for the traditional occasions which come in green, red, navy blue, black, brown, purple.

(4)Self Design, Woven, Embellished, Checkered Kanjivaram Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is our most widely used self-design, wove, embellished, checkered kanjivaram silk blend, jacquard sarees pattern for traditional occasion mainly comes in light orange, orange, yellow and red color.

(5)Self Design, Paisley, Embellished, Woven Kanjivaram Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is our second last pattern of jacquard saree self-design, paisley embellished, woven kanjivaram silk blend, jacquard sarees also our most liked pattern comes in navy blue, Rama, red, orange, yellow.

(6)Embellished Dharmavaram Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is our last pattern of jacquard saree embellished dharmavaram silk blend, jacquard saree gives you a vibrant look comes in pink, blue, green, black, red, yellow.

This all jacquard sarees pattern is available in many colors with reasonable price on Trendzstyle the saree length 5.5 M and blouse is of 0.8 M and you can wash by hand or by machine as per your requirement.

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