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What exactly is Kurta?

A kurta is a loose shirt that is a traditional form of apparel in nations such as India, Pakistan, and others. However, because it is highly comfortable clothing, it is gaining appeal in western countries as well. A kurta is a garment that can be worn by both men and women.

A kurta is a loose-fitting shirt that descends over the wearer's knees. The Kurti is the shorter variant of the kurta. The upper portion of the outfit is a kurta, which can be worn with loose salwar, churidar pants, or even trousers to complete the look.

Why is the Kurta so important in India?

The Kurta is a popular traditional Indian garment that originated on the Indian subcontinent. The word kuratu or kurtaka is derived from the Sanskrit word kuratu or kurtaka and has its origins in the Urdu and Hindustani languages. It literally means "collarless shirt" in Persian, and it is a collarless dress, however, some varieties do feature a collar. Along with India, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka are among the countries that wear the clothing. It's made of cotton, silk, voile, jute, khadi, and Kota and can be worn with pajamas, slacks, jeans, Dhoti, and Lungis.

Kurtas for women are of ethnic clothing that comes in a variety of designs and fabrics. One type of Kurta is called the Kali or the Kalidar Kurta that was inspired by the ghagra or lehenga style. It includes rectangular panels on both sides and is stitched together in multiple pieces to give it a unique frock-like appearance. Linen, cotton, and silk are used to make these kurtas.

We have different types of kurtas for women

Obviously, a women’s closet is inadequate without a Kurti. Kurtis is the most popular outfit among women because they are incredibly comfortable and predisposing. You can easily find many other types of Kurtis designs in the market to choose from, depending on your personal style. You can choose one that suits your personality and characterizes your grandeur in a rich style, from great Anarkali to odd angrakha. In this article, we will discuss the numerous types of Kurtis for which you will have strong feelings. If you need to buy a Kurti online, visit Trendzstyle and get the perfect one for you.

Rayon kurtas for women

Rayon is a fabric that is often used as a cotton alternative. Rayon fabric is created from cellulose fibers derived from wood pulp or a related agricultural commodity, which are then chemically treated to form a soluble substance. Rayon is the most versatile, cost-effective, and biodegradable material available.

(1) Printed Rayon Straight Kurta

We have a wide range of printed rayon kurta available for women for all occasions. These kurtas for women mainly come in light yellow, light green, dark blue, black, blue, pink,blue-pink, mustard yellow, Red, black-yellow with many patterns.

(2) Embroidered Rayon Straight

This our Embroidered rayon straight kurta available with many color yarn of thread design comes in two cloured design green, brown, pink, blue-red, light green, blue, grey, yellow, black color with a price range of 499/599/699 rupees.

(3) Printed Rayon Flared Kurta

This is our unique rayon flared kurta design also available at a reasonable price which comes in many patterns and colors. This comes in colors red-brown, red, red-yellow, maroon-yellow

Cotton blend Kurtas for women

Cotton is occasionally combined with other fibers to create a more durable and appealing material. Other fibers that are combined with cotton include rayon, polyester, and linen. Blended cotton textiles, on the other hand, often comprise roughly 80% cotton to get a cotton feel and texture.

(1) Straight Striped Cotton Blend

Our striped cotton-blend Kurti in this category is best suited for a professional look in combination with a white hue for women at work. This is available in the following colors: white-yellow, white-grey, white beige, white-green, and white-pink.

(2) Checkered Cotton Blend Straight Kurta

This is our last variety of cotton blend checked straight kurta comes in grey and black-grey color is suitable for traditional and professional look also.

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