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If you've ever shopped for fabric, you've probably come across a jacquard fabric without even realising it. Instead of being printed or dyed onto the fabric's surface, the pattern and colors in the jacquard fabric are incorporated into the weave. The term "Jacquard" refers to how the pattern is woven rather than the pattern itself. Although these intricate fabrics are now commonplace, they were not always.

Jacquard fabrics saree are now more intricate and widely available than ever. When you browse our website, you'll notice that we have a large selection of jacquard fabrics saree. These high-end upholstery fabrics are well-known for their stunning jacquard patterns woven from cutting-edge solution-dyed acrylic. These jacquards fabric saree are resistant to water, stains, mold, mildew, abrasion, and fading, allowing them to look beautiful indoors and out despite everyday wear and tear.

(1)Thanjavur Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is our specially designed woven Thanjavur silk-blend jacquard saree with a golden border with has a beautiful broad border of embroidery and the saree has leaves embroidery on it. This saree also has beautiful embroidery on the blouse. This saree gives you a beautiful festive look you can wear modern Indian jewelry on it.

(2)Self Design, Embellished, Paisley Banarasi Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This woven self-design embellished, paisley banarasi silk blend, jacquard saree has a wonderful flower design on the whole saree. This saree has a bird design on pallu. The overall saree look gives you a stunning look. You can wear light to medium weight jewelery on it and this saree you can wear for any traditional function or for any party look.

(3)Self Design, Embellished, Solid Kanjivaram Silk Blend, Jacquard Saree


This is self design woven embellished solid kanjivaram silk blend jacquard saree has a board border and beautiful peacock design on on saree. This is most beautiful traditional indian saree you can wear for marriage or any traditional family function.This saree gives you traditional south indian look.

We have more jacquard saree of different patterns and colors for us. You can choose from Trendzstyle.

These all sarees have 5.5 M length and 0.8 M blouse length. You can wash this sarees by hand and machine as per requirement.

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