Tussar silk saree

What is Tussar silk?

Tussar is one of four types of raw silk found in India, the others being Mulberry, Eri, and Muga silk. Tussar is derived from the Sanskrit word trasara, which means shuttle, and has been recorded in literature since 1590 B.C.

Tussar silk, also known as Indian wild silk, is produced by the Antheraea millita, a wild moth that feeds on oak leaves. Tropical tussar and temperate tussar are the two types of tussar that are most commonly seen in India.

Jharkand, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal have large populations of tropical tussar. The sub-Himalayan belt states of Assam, Manipur, and Meghalaya are home to the temperate variant.

Sericulture is the cultivation of silks, and it is a very labor-intensive activity. Silks are reeled, thrown, and degummed throughout the processing process.

The reeling process involves combining the ends of filaments and winding them onto a circular frame to achieve yarn consistency. "Throwing" yarn refers to a small twist applied to the strands to keep them together. Degumming is the process of removing the gum from the yarn.

How to used tussar silk saree?

Understanding the chemical composition of silk saree and taking proper care of them is critical. Fibroin is a silk protein made composed of seventeen amino acids.

Silk saree requires special attention because it is such an expensive fabric. Dry cleaning is preferred, but some silks can be hand washed with care. Always use hair shampoo or detergents that are free of strong alkalis (such as Genteel and Ezee). Brushing is not recommended because it is too rough for this fragile fiber.

Also, when ironing tussar silks sarees, use caution. When steam ironing silks, it's best to use a damp muslin cloth over them. Watermarks on silk fabrics can also be caused by spraying water directly on them.

Tussar silk sarees come in a wide range of colours and textures, making them ideal for painting kalamkari or madhubani, block printing with sanganer or dabu patterns, or simply wearing plain.

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(1)Striped Maheshwari Tussar silk saree


This is our most beautiful Striped Maheshwari Tussar silk saree that will make your ceremony special. This generally comes in Green and blue colors. Suitable for every occasion.

(2)Self Design Fashion cotton Blend Saree


This is our second Self-design Fashion cotton blend saree widely suited fortraditional occasions comes in light blue and green color.

(3)Checkered Kotki cotton silk, Tussar silk saree


This above all saree comes in a saree length of 5.5 M and an unstitched blouse with 0.8 M. You can wash this saree by hand and machine as per your requirement.

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