Women Dupatta

What is the dupatta?

The dupatta is a shawl that is historically worn by women in India. The dupatta is now most usually worn over the kurta and the gharara as part of a women's shalwar kameez costume.

How does the word dupatta come from?

The first evidence of the dupatta may be discovered in the Indus Valley culture, where a sculpture of a priest-king wearing a chaddar on his left shoulder suggests that the dupatta was worn. Early Sanskrit literature used terminology like avagunthana (cloak-veil), uttariya (shoulder-veil), mukha-pata (face-veil), and siro-vastra to describe the veils and scarves worn by women throughout the ancient period (head-veil). The ancient uttariya is thought to have spawned the dupatta. siro-vastra (face veil) and mukha-pata (facial veil) (head-veil). The ancient uttariya is thought to have spawned the dupatta.

How the dupattas are worn in India?

Across the Indian subcontinent, the dupatta is worn in a variety of regional fashions. It was originally worn as a sign of modesty. While the symbolism is still intact, it is now widely used as a fashion accessory by many people. A dupatta can be worn in a variety of ways, and the style of the dupatta has evolved over time as fashion has progressed. Traditionally, a dupatta is draped across both shoulders and around the head. The dupatta, on the other hand, can be worn like a cloak around the entire torso. The dupatta's material changes depending on the suit.

The dupatta can be styled in a number of different ways. When not draped over the head in the traditional manner, the dupatta is typically worn with the center section lying on the chest like a garland and the ends tossed over either shoulder. When worn with a shalwar-kameez, the dupatta is allowed to fall freely down the front and back. The dupatta is usually thrown over one shoulder, or even just the arms, in today's designs. The short dupatta, which is more of a scarf or a stole and is frequently worn with Kurtis and Indo-Western clothes, is another popular design. In today's metropolitan fashion, the dupatta is essentially viewed as an accessor. In north India, a ghooghat is a dupatta that is worn to cover the head and face. Now, we are showcasing our large variety of dupattas so you can order through cash on delivery with free shipping charges!

(1)Jacquard Woven Brown Women Dupatta


We manufacture dupattas on a large scale we have our first jacquard woven dupatta which is our most common and widely used design pattern suits for every occasion.

This mainly comes in colors brown, grey, green, yellow, orange, and many other color and designs.

(2)Jacquard Woven, Women Dupatta


This is our second most loved and unique design of jacquard woven, women dupatta, This comes in dark grey, green, yellow. This is most suitable for professional outfits.

(3)Jacquard Woven, Embellished Women Dupatta


This is our last variation type jacquard woven embellished women dupatta the most perfect outfits for traditional look on kurties and ghagra. This woven embellished women dupatta comes.

This all Trendzstyle dupatta comes in a length of 2.25 M and can be wash by hand and machine.

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